A great namespace conversion process hook espace document alone

Consider a purchase order that has a namespace document represented in XML Schema, where the XML Schema bears a data-view:conversion attribute licensing extraction of statements that include namespaceTransformation statements:

4. Playing with GRDDL having appropriate XHTML

So you're able to make room for this new DTD-depending syntax out of XHTML[XHTML], hence precludes playing with services off foreign namespaces, we have fun with as a metadata character (cf. area eight.4.cuatro.step three Meta data users out of [HTML4]).

All round form of incorporating an excellent GRDDL assertion to a legitimate XHTML document is via specifying the GRDDL reputation regarding the profile characteristic of the lead feature, and sales given that value of the fresh rel attribute out of an excellent hook up or an excellent function whose href attribute worth are a keen IRI reference you to definitely means an enthusiastic executable script otherwise system that is anticipated to changes the reason file with the RDF. This procedure is appropriate for use which have good XHTML data files which try constrained from the a keen XML DTD.

An example Dublin Center META sales

Including, this file uses the new events regarding [RFC2731], also it explicitly spends the latest GRDDL profile and you can hyperlinks in order to an enthusiastic XSLT transformation to help you RDF/XML to code that the transformation is actually a devoted rendition:

Multiple transformations inside XHTML

An enthusiastic XHTML file get follow loads of languages at the same time and link to one or more GRDDL conversion. Yet not, since the href characteristic of one's hook and a beneficial elements accept only just one IRI reference, multiple cases of such points can be used to assert several links:

Rules to own GRDDL with legitimate XHTML

Note that the base IRI of an element node in an XHTML document may be influenced by factors such as a base element[HTML4] Retrieval URIRFC3986, etc. See the Base IRI considerations appendix and test cases such as htmlbase1 fatflirt for further clarification.

5. GRDDL for HTML Profiles

XHTML contains the profile device to link to the meaning out of attributes and group of legal beliefs for those characteristics. As with namespace documents, a visibility document can be effortlessly be composed using XHTML which have stuck RDF statements and a beneficial GRDDL conversion to recoup the expression terms and conditions which can be applicable. Those terms and conditions are able to be taken into the a keen XHTML document so you're able to express character-based definition. Given that discussed in using GRDDL that have appropriate XHTML, the GRDDL profile may be used that have XHTML records to use GRDDL semantics more hook up issues the spot where the value of rel feature was transformation . That it very powerful and versatile mechanism brings together really having microformat profiles[MF-RDF-FAQ] which overlay the new generally semantically-bad HTML markup.

Adding a great GRDDL profileTransformation denial in order to a profile document is much eg adding a great namespaceTransformation denial to a namespace document. Having a dialect outlined by a legitimate XHTML character records, create profile="" to the lead function and work out a connection off variety of profileTransformation into the transformation of dialect.

  • a development funding PDOC , acknowledged by a keen IRI PNAME possess an excellent GRDDL influence filled with a multiple whose
  • subject is actually PDOC , whose
  • predicate is the property < and whose
  • target was Texas ,

6. GRDDL Changes

As noted above, each GRDDL transformation specifies a transformation property, a function from XPath document nodes to RDF graphs. This function need not be total; it may have a domain smaller than all XML document nodes. For example, use of xsl:content with terminate="yes" may be used to signal that the input is outside the domain of the transformation.

Designers regarding transformations should make offered representations inside the commonly-supported formats. XSLT type step 1[XSLT1] 's the style most extensively supported by GRDDL-aware agents only at that composing, whether or not even though XSLT2[XSLT2] deployment was expanding. When you are commercially Javascript, C, otherwise virtually any almost every other programming language may be used to express changes getting GRDDL, XSLT is specifically made to share XML to XML changes and you can has many an excellent shelter attributes; XQuery has actually comparable services so you're able to XSLT, even if usage of XQuery from inside the GRDDL implementation is actually reduced widely implemented during the time of this writing.