Mai and you can Zuko have been on the best terminology on months you to definitely accompanied

A pleasurable relationships

Mai had read to share by herself with greater regularity and you will Zuko often went along to the lady yourself, that was around the on the castle. Zuko asked the girl what she'd require on the industry if the she possess some thing she wished, when she need it, and you can she mentioned that it would be a fruit tart which have rose flower petals at the top. Zuko questioned a beneficial tart off his servants, and they proceeded to talk about the advantages and you may downsides from becoming royalty. Mai out of the blue said a conflict appointment to which Azula is anticipate, as long as Zuko has also been supposed, however, he'd perhaps not already been allowed.

Zuko was frustrated one their dad manage ask Azula for the meeting in the place of his true heir, and even though Azula hoping your he is actually wanted here. Mai attempted to cheer-up Zuko from the recommending he company doing specific servants or they've a few more fruit tarts, but in order to no get. The very next day, they were hanging out again whenever a servant came in to point out that Zuko is expected from the appointment. It cheered up Zuko and Mai a lot. If the fulfilling concluded, Mai is actually ready to listen to one to Zuko is permitted to stand from the his father's right side, however, he informed her you to even in the event the guy acted for instance the guy his father wanted, he had been not himself. It absolutely was obvious so you can the woman that he got regarding their attention. [21]

A cracked cardio

Mai was not seen throughout the day regarding Black colored Sunshine, once the she in addition to remainder of the people in the brand new Fire Country Money was actually purchased to evacuate. Although not, Zuko blogged a letter and kept the content inside her bedroom, saying that he had been leaving to join the fresh Avatar. [22] Zuko is actually clearly upset that he need get-off the lady, but the guy told Sokka he performed one to so you're able to include the lady given that he became a beneficial traitor. The guy failed to wanted their to get stuck on the crossfire towards their account, to get labeled due to the fact good traitor along with your.

At the Boiling Material, Zuko unearthed that new warden is actually Mai's cousin, which advised him that he had damaged Mai's heart when he got kept their. [23] If one or two satisfied out of the blue, Mai was at the girl characteristically agitated attitude, however, she had clearly become deeply hurt, and you may debated having Zuko regarding his aim for leaving. She as well as berated him to possess leaving only a page since good good-bye, rather than getting the courage to break together to help you their face. Zuko attempted to establish themselves, stating that it was wanted to conserve his nation, however, Mai failed to agree with his intention, stating he had been betraying it alternatively, and you may became away from your as he tried to protest. Whenever a-riot been, a protector arrived having orders about warden to safeguard the girl- überprüfen Sie diese Seite aus even when, given that one another she and Zuko said, she failed to you want one shelter. Zuko got advantage of it minute and you will secured each other within the area. Mai glared within Zuko tearfully from the look at gap, and Zuko showed deep be sorry for before the guy escaped to help Sokka. [8]


Afterwards, into the refrain, this new guards had been about to cut the line on the gondola you to definitely kept Zuko, Sokka, Hakoda, Suki, Chit Performed, additionally the warden. The latest shields was basically assaulted and you may dropped by Mai which, when asked exactly what she try starting, stated that she is actually "rescuing the fresh jerk who left [her]." Reactivating the fresh wire, she involved this new gondola shields in combat, outmatching them with the lady knives, darts and pure speed.